Street Lights – Update

#CX Improvements and The Streetlight Effect | CustomerThink

Although it does not feel like it on Sunday 29th March we officially entered British Summer Time (BST) and clocks were adjusted by +1 hr.

Typically MUA manually update street lighting clocks across the network to reflect these changes. However currently due to the current travel and work restrictions in force as a result of CV-19 they are unable to carry out these works.

As a result our parish street lights will for the time being turn off 1 hour later than our desired switch off time at night .

Additionally early morning operation of street lights will also come on 1hr later but the “turn on” and “turn off” times at ‘dusk’ and ‘dawn’ will remain correct as these are controlled by photocells.

If you notice any faults in your area p/ease do not hesitate to contact out clerk Phil Gawne on 834501 or by email Alternatively call MUA on 687687.