Ballakilley Leisure Facilities – Consultation



Deputy Clerk: Mr Colin Kniveton MSc FCMA THIE KEEILL, HOWE ROAD, RUSHEN. IM9 5PR  

18th June 2020 


Arbory and Rushen Commissioners are pleased to invite further comments from ratepayers, neighbours and potential users of the site with regards to proposals for the development of recreational facilities at Ballakilley.

The latest working draft is based upon views and comments previously submitted, but the Commissioners now wish to undertake a further period of consultation, to ensure a further and final opportunity is provided to concerned parties, prior to moving ahead to the next stage of the project.


The plans will be available to view on the Commissioners’ Notice Boards throughout the two Parishes, and on-line at the Commissioners’ Web-site and Facebook pages.


All comments should ideally be made via email to or ,or by contacting any Commissioner.


The closing date for this consultation is 10th July, 2020.

Do you or someone you know need support as a result of Covid 19?

Do you or someone you know need support as a result of Covid 19?
The Manx Solidarity fund aim to deliver much-needed funds and support to individuals on the Island who need it most due to Covid-19.
They support individuals, employees and business owners negatively impacted by Covid 19.
If you know of any individuals in need of food, clothing & shelter, emotional distress or medical equipment as a direct result of Covid 19 then please tell them about this charity,
On their website and there is a section of FAQs that explains the circumstances in which they can help and how to go about applying.

Covid 19 Restrictions – Online Commissioners’ Meetings

Covid 19 restrictions – online Commissioners’ meetings
Due to Covid 19 restrictions the Commissioners monthly meetings are being held online.
If you wish to listen in on the meetings please contact the clerk giving your email address so you can be invited to join the meeting. The Commissioners are currently using Zoom for their meetings and provided you contact the Clerk by 5.30 pm prior to the meeting he will make sure that you can listen in to the meeting.
Please email the Clerk at or

Local Authority Waste Services


Over the next few days the local authorities will be ready to re-open the four Civic Amenity sites        around the island.

The Eastern and Western sites will open at 8am on Friday morning and the Northern and Southern sites at 10am on Saturday morning.

Please be aware that the Northern site will operate on an appointments system accessed using their website or by ringing 810100, whilst the Eastern, Southern and Western sites will operate on a queuing system using the roadway leading to the site.

Due to operational issues the opening hours and the types of waste that can be disposed of may vary slightly, but they will all take burnable household waste and green waste.  This is not business as usual, so to avoid an unnecessary journey please ring your local authority or check their website or Facebook page for details.

It is important that people work within the social distancing guidelines and therefore there will be a restricted number of vehicles on site.

The staff will do everything possible to manage this situation smoothly but they will not be able to assist you with your items so please bring a household member to help you if you cannot manage on your own.

The Re-use sheds will remain closed for the time being but the recycle Bring Banks around the island will open on Friday.

Please be careful when driving in these areas, expect queues over the first few weeks and be patient.

The Authorities understand how frustrating this has been for everyone and thank you for your co-operation.



Miss N’s Teaching

Hello! My name is Stacey Newson. I am a local primary school teacher who is currently on maternity leave. I want to help the parents and children of my community through the Rushen Connect scheme. I have created a Facebook page called ‘Miss N’s Teaching Page’ to support the homeschooling of children during the coronavirus crisis. It focuses on developing children’s growth mindset. It would benefit lower juniors, but older children (and even parents) may also enjoy it too. 
To search for the page, type: Miss N’s Teaching Page into the search bar at the top of Facebook and send a request to join. The image below is what you are looking for.
Sorry for the teacher voice here but I think it is important to state that any misuse of the page, poor language or attitude etc will not be tolerated. I am not perfect and there maybe the odd spelling or grammatical error. Like I say to all the children I teach…mistakes are proof you are trying. #BeKind

Would You Like to Invest in a Compost Bin?

Thanks to everyone who has ordered a compost bin. There has been a fantastic uptake!

Our first batch of deliveries will be made this morning. For those who have not yet received a delivery confirmation, we will be in touch to confirm payment and delivery date in the next day or so.

If you are interested in having a compost bin delivered to your home, please email your name, address and phone number to and we will get in touch to make arrangements.

Quing TV

Quing TV is a community driven project helping people in the present crisis.  Offering a place to connect, interviews, education, workshops and a global network of community projects and learning conversations so people from around the world can connect and learn of each other. There are also daily wellbeing practice workshops.

Quing is co-producing content and education packages to meet the  needs of the community through the forums in our members area. We ask people who want to connect with us to set up an account and receive a weekly email with the schedule. This can be found here:


lScam Alert

Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative | Beware of SCAMS

Please be aware of a current scam targeting residents on the Island. The offender/s are using the current Covid-19 situation to pose as an on Island charity via Facebook.

The offenders are posing as online agents asking the victim a range of questions in regards to being elderly, living alone etc.

The offender then gets the victim to purchase Amazon gift cards to a high value, before then instructing the victim to scratch the back of the card, revealing the gift card code and sending an image to the offender.

The offender promises that the victim will benefit from a higher return, before then requesting further money due to various reasons.

This is NOT genuine.

Please do not share any information with anyone who calls, emails or messages you claiming to be a bank, charity or a volunteer.

If you have elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends, please communicate this to them, as an Island, we are safer when we stand together.