Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons are commencing on Tuesdays at 4pm or 5pm at the Halley MacLiag, Ballabeg, starting on Tues 25th April.    Contact Vicky Granger on for further details.

Commissioners Rates 2017/18

The Commissioners have decided to increase the rate for next year to 117 pence in the pound, that is an increase of 2 pence or 1.74%.   The reason for the increase is a general rise of 1% in Manx inflation, the necessity to replace ageing lighting standards on Ballacriy and elsewhere, the increased areas and frequency of grass cutting on public open spaces, an increase in refuse disposal costs at the Incinerator from £79.50 to £82.87 per tonne, and an increase in the costs of the Southern Civic Amenity Site.   These increases have been partly offset by rates on the new houses on Cronk Cullyn, but the rates income from the two quarries in the Parish, based on tonnages extracted,  has reduced quite significantly this year.


Commissioners Accounts

In accordance with the Isle of Man Audit Act 2006 and Section 17 of The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2013 , Arbory Parish Commissioners advise all interested parties that their accounts for 2015/16 have now been received.

The accounts have been posted on this website and can be inspected at the office of Arbory Parish Commissioners by appointment at any reasonable time.

Arbory Badminton Club

Arbory Badminton Club will shortly start a new season, meeting at Arbory School on Tuesday evenings between 8pm and 10pm.    New members would be warmly welcomed.  Phone Liz Leece on 466370 for details.

New Play Area at Cronk Cullyn

An excellent new play area is now available on the village green in the new Cronk Cullyn Phase 2 development.   Thanks go to Hartford Homes for providing and equipping the play area.   Later in the year the  area will be taken over and maintained  by the Commissioners.  Although primarily provided for the children of Cronk Cullyn,  it will be available for all Arbory children to use.

Judo Classes in Ballabeg

Adult beginners class start at 8.00pm on Friday 9th September at the Parish Hall, Ballabeg.  We also have three sessions each Friday evening, The Kano Class, for 6 to 8 year olds, a junior class for 8 to 11 year olds and novice 11 to 14 year olds prior to their first grading, and finally the senior class for 14 year olds and including adults.  Contact Richard Lloyd on Mob 310553 or

Judo Group 08