Contribute to Your Community; Become an Arbory and Rushen Commissioner

Contribute to Your Community
Become an Arbory and Rushen Commissioner
Are you passionate about your community? If the answer is yes, by serving as an Arbory or Rushen Commissioner you can make your voice heard and influence decisions that will help shape the future of your community.
Arbory and Rushen Commissioners are responsible for a variety of functions including street lights, refuse collection, parks, road sweeping and highway verges to name just a few.
They have further responsibilities held in conjunction with other Local Authorities including Sheltered Housing, Libraries, Southern Swimming Pool and the Southern Civic Amenity Site.
Local Authority Elections take place on Thursday 22nd April 2021. The Merged Authority of Arbory and Rushen will have 6 vacant seats – 3 in Arbory Ward and 3 in Rushen Ward.
If you are interested in standing and want to find out more about what is involved, come and meet existing commissioners on one of the following dates:-
Wednesday 17th March
6 pm at Halley McLaig Meeting Room, Ballabeg
Interested parties can stay for the meeting of Arbory & Rushen Commissioners immediately afterwards.
Wednesday 24th March
7pm at Ballafesson Hall
Nomination papers and information that those seeking election require can be obtained from the Clerk, Phil Gawne, by emailing or phoning 834501.
The deadline for submitting completed nomination papers in 5.00 pm on Tuesday 30th March 2020.
Euan Mort


Due to the retirement of their Deputy Clerk, Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners have a vacancy for the position of Deputy.
This post is part-time and salaried and is expected to take around 16 hours per week.
Due to the varied nature of the work involved, the applicant will need to be able to work flexible hours.
The applicant will need to provide a small office in their home. The ability to drive and to own a vehicle is essential.
Ideally, applicants should have a good knowledge of the Parishes of Arbory and Rushen and have an interest in Local Authority affairs. They should also live either in or close to the either Arbory or Rushen Parish.
Technical skills required include:-
• Computer literate
• Working knowledge of accounts or book-keeping.
Desirable attributes include:-
• Self motivation
• Excellent communication skills
• Enthusiasm
• Ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
• Sense of humour
Closing date for applications is Friday 5th March 2021.
For further information and job description please contact the Clerk, Phil Gawne, Lamode, Ballakillowey Road, Rushen, IM9 4BP. Phone 834501 or Email –

Arbory and Rushen Commissioners’ Rate Set for 2021

Arbory and Rushen Commissioners’ Rate Set for 2021


The Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners have reluctantly agreed to a 6p in the pound rate increase for 2021/22.  This decision was made after careful assessment of estimates and scrutinizing of all budget lines several times.


The Commissioners are acutely aware that many ratepayers may be struggling financially due to the impact Covid restrictions have had on their incomes.  However, the above inflation rise has been deemed necessary due to a significant shortfall in the income rebate due to the Commissioners from the Southern Civic Amenity Site (SCAS).


Savings have been made in the authority’s administration as hoped following the merger.  These cover increases in waste disposal and salaries.  They also cover the anticipated loan charges for the major new recreational development at Ballakilley.  The significant SCAS shortfall leaves the authority with little alternative but to increase the rate as agreed.


Media Contact: Mrs Jane Glover, Chair of the Authority – or 492010.

Community Support across the parishes

Arbory & Rushen Connect

Community Support across the parishes

In light of the Isle of Government’s announcement of a 21 day “circuit breaker lockdown”, Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners will be reactivating “Arbory & Rushen Connect” – the support network for parishioners.

If you need assistance with shopping or other errands:

  • email
  • Facebook Messenger visit Arbory Parish Commissioners or Rushen Parish Commissioners
  • phone 834501, 835013 or 492010 – leave a clear message if you don’t get an answer

If you want a chat to break the monotony of isolation, please call Jane on 835013 or 492010.

If you would like to be a volunteer & can safely offer assistance, please contact as above.

Our volunteers will be visiting every home in Ballabeg, Colby, The Level, Croit e Caley, Ballakillowey, Ballafesson, Surby, the Howe, Glen Chass & Cregneash each Monday & Friday.
If you need assistance please place something red or orange in a prominent place so that our volunteers know you need our help.

If you live outside of these areas, if you’re uncertain whether your property will be covered by our volunteers or if you need immediate assistance please use the contact details above. Also, if you see that one of your neighbours needs help contact us and we’ll help.

We have survived this before and by working together will do again!

Please follow the latest Isle of Man Government guidance which can be found on their Covid website

#stayathome #keepsafe #inthistogether

It is important to stress that if you need urgent attention or need advice about Covid 19 please call the coronavirus community information line for non-medical calls and queries on 686262 or 111 if you have coronavirus queries of a medical nature such as symptoms, testing or self-isolation.

Here to Help – Arbory and Rushen Connect

Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners

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Arbory and Rushen Connect

Community Support across the parishes

In light t of the Isle of Government’s announcements on Tuesday 5th January 2020, Arbory and Rushen Connect will be reactivating their support network for parishioners.

A 21 day circuit breaker lockdown has been announced.
This commences from 1 minute past midnight on Thursday 7th January 2021.

If you need assistance with shopping or other errands, please email as the ideal contact method.
Otherwise message Facebook messenger or phone 834501.
This phone will not be answered immediately so please leave a clear message.

Similarly, if you would like to be a volunteer and can safely offer assistance, please contact as above.

If you simply want a chat to break the monotony of isolation, please call Jane on 835013 or 492010.

We have survived this before and by working together will do again.

Please follow the latest Isle of Man Government guidance which can be found on their Covid website

#stayathome #keepsafe #inthistogether




Royal British Legion Colby (IOM) Branch need your help!

Royal British Legion Colby (IOM) Branch need your help!
Image may contain: tree and outdoor, text that says "IN THE REMEMBRANCEOF PEOPLEO ARBORY WHO THE FIRST SUFFERED AS AND SECOND RESULT AND OTHER ARMED WORLD WARS THE BRAVERY OF ALL WHO FOUGHT, THE SUPREME SACRIFICE OF THOSE WHO KILLED, AND THE ENDURING GRIEF AND HARDSHIP OF THE LOVED ONES BEHIND At the going down the in the morning, we will remember them WORLD WARI WORLDWARI EricCostain Walter Ma George Michacl Quayle Quayle Edward H.StuartCooil Corrin H. Wilfred J. Costain Edward,Craine EllitCrelin Edward Cen Cubbon ThomasJ. Cubbon .Cubbon Johnhey Faragher Stevenson Watterson Woods THE WORLD"
Calling all relations/descendants of our War Dead as listed on the War Memorial inside Arbory Church and outside Arbory/Ballabeg Village Hall.
To enhance our respect of our War Dead, we would like to include a photograph of everyone listed to correspond with names as placed on our giant poppies which are positioned throughout the parish during Remembrance each year.
If you have a connection and can provide a copy of a photograph to our Poppy Coordinator, Carole Williams on (474252) or our branch Secretary Sonya Mercer (418033), please contact us accordingly.
Thanking you in advance for your help in ensuring the sacrifice these members of our Parish as well as all those that did not come home during the conflicts are not forgotten.

Community Art Project

Community Art Project
Eve Adams, is a local Artist & Illustrator. Thanks to Isle of Man Arts Council funding she is embarking on a huge community public art project and needs your help!
Everyone on the Island can join in with the project, and once complete it will be on public display for years to come! The project seeks to commemorate our Island community’s unique accomplishment in battling Covid-19 through a severe lockdown.
It would also be great if you’d like to get involved yourselves by completing a design!
Image may contain: text that says "what you see? Together, Apart Dy-Cheilley, Ry-Lhiattee huge, wide project! you during lockdown. comfort, what positives Maybe itwas family, pets, learned new skill daiywalks enjoyed throughout, What cope? hanging digitally space. every moment can ucoped Perhaps nature very hard managed hould situations with. This seeks commemorate celebrate our Island community together, Check out the template overleaf to get involved! C ARTS ISEFMAN COUNCIL"
People reached
Boost post

Climate Change Public Consultation and Drop In Sessions

A public consultation on the draft Climate Change Bill opens today on the Consultation Hub:
The consultation will run for 6 weeks, closing at 5pm on Tuesday 1 September.
To assist with responses, we are offering four drop-in sessions to meet with DEFA officers who will be able to answer questions and provide additional information on the Isle of Man Government’s climate action work.
The drop-in sessions are as follows:

Ramsey Town Hall: 12-7pm Wednesday 5th August 
Henry Bloom Noble Library: 12-6.45pm Thursday 6th August 

Peel Centenary Centre: 12-7pm Wednesday19th August 

Port St Mary Hall: 12-7pm: 12-7pm Thursday 20th August 

Everyone is welcome to the sessions and there is no need to pre-book a place. It would be helpful if those with a specific/technical query get in touch in advance, to ensure that the right people on hand to help.

It will also be possible to arrange other times to discuss the consultation and additional online sessions will also be organised.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
Kind regards

Rowan Henthorn


Ecosystem Officer
Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Thie Slieau Whallian, Foxdale Road, St John’s, Isle of Man, IM4 3AS.
Tel: 01624 695738

Virtual National Week Concert

To mark Tynwald Day, and National Week this year, we have produced a special virtual concert featuring some of the talented performers from across the parishes of Arbory and Rushen.

🇮🇲 From midday today, join commissioners chair Jane Glover as she presents the spoken word of Peter Vernon and Noel Cringle along with the music of Meadowside Choral Society, the King Family, Phil Gawne and Annie Kissack, the Williams Family and the children of Arbory School.

🇮🇲 The virtual concert will be shared to our Facebook pages and a brand new YouTube Channel at 12 noon tomorrow.

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