Hello! My name is Stacey Newson. I am a local primary school teacher who is currently on maternity leave. I want to help the parents and children of my community through the Rushen Connect scheme. I have created a Facebook page called ‘Miss N’s Teaching Page’ to support the homeschooling of children during the coronavirus crisis. It focuses on developing children’s growth mindset. It would benefit lower juniors, but older children (and even parents) may also enjoy it too. 
To search for the page, type: Miss N’s Teaching Page into the search bar at the top of Facebook and send a request to join. The image below is what you are looking for.
Sorry for the teacher voice here but I think it is important to state that any misuse of the page, poor language or attitude etc will not be tolerated. I am not perfect and there maybe the odd spelling or grammatical error. Like I say to all the children I teach…mistakes are proof you are trying. #BeKind