2017 Garden Competition Winners Presentation

Arbory Parish Commissioners

Annual Garden Competion


On Sunday 22nd October Arbory Parish Commissioners held the awards ceremony for their Annual Garden Competition at the Parish Hall, Ballabeg.  Jane Glover, Chair of Arbory Commissioners presented the trophies and garden vouchers to the winners and runners up.  The presentation was delayed slightly due to the passing of long serving Clerk to the Commissioners, Ian Lowey.  All present took part in a minute’s silence prior to the presentations to remember him.


Parishioners did not have to enter the competition – the judge checked all gardens that fitted the criteria automatically. Basically he judged gardens based on what can be seen from a main road or estate roadway.  Criteria for judging is form, planting variety and combinations, colour, and maintenance.


The judging took place at the end of July and the new judge, Bill Gally was looking for 2 winners – The Best Front Garden in Colby and the Best Front Garden in Ballabeg.  Arbory Parish Commissioners would like to thank Bill for sparing the time to judge the competition and hope he will be able to assist again next year.


This is an annual competition which always takes place in July.

So Arbory Commissioners are inviting parishioners to start planning for next year now!  Sprucing up hanging baskets, trimming hedges and tending pot plants … you could be next year’s winner of garden vouchers and a trophy!







The results and why the judge chose the winners are listed below.




1st  – Thie Plaish, Glen Road Colby – Phil and Gill Smith – £50 Voucher

Virtually all of this garden could be viewed on foot – front and back – so was a large area to keep to a high standard.  The garden combines excellent variety of bedding plants, shrubs and trees.  It is maintained to the highest standard with plenty of colour and texture.  Some unusual specimens grow in it, for example the Blue Atlantic Cedar and smoke tree.


2nd  – 81 Ballacriy, Colby – Mr and Mrs Laurence Maddrell – £40 voucher

Good examples of formal bedding are displayed.  Good layout is combined with excellent maintenance.  Lovely variety of shrubs.  Striking Agapanthus and Marguerite Daisies.  Also includes an unusual rose – Rose Blue Moon.


3rd – 2 Ballacubbon Court – Mr and Mrs McFarlane – £30 Voucher

Although a small area, this garden is alive with variety and colour.  Excellent formal bedding plants    A vibrant mix includes Alliums, Crocosmia and Agapanthus.  Well maintained.






1st  – Sycamore Cottage, Ballabeg – Carole Bridson – £50 Voucher

Stunning display in a difficult road location with high volume of passing traffic!  Despite the property having recently had its exterior renovated which required removal of some of the plants, this colourful display had a delightful mix of lilies, perennials, bedding plants, climbers such as roses and sweet peas, window boxes and baskets.  Every inch of space has been covered and well maintained.


2nd  – 95 Friary Park, Ballabeg- Mr and Mrs P Venables – £40 Voucher

This is a corner plot with a large amount of this garden being visible by passers so involves lots of work to ensure every aspect well maintained.  There are 18 island beds as well as house beds which are filled with a beautiful mix of roses and bedding plants.  Even the side of the house had been considered as it is covered with tall clematis and runner beans!  The lawn is also maintained properly – something some garden owners fail to do.


3rd – Arbory Cottage, Ballabeg – Mr & Mrs T Lyth – £30 Voucher

An incredible display  – a riot of colour maintained to the highest standard.  Bedding plants and herbaceous borders complement the hanging baskets and boxes.  From the roadside the back can also be seen and this too is a well maintained.


Arbory Badminton Club

Arbory Badminton Club have started their new season. Meeting at Arbory School on Tuesday evenings between 8pm and 10pm, sessions run during term time from September to June.   New members would be warmly welcomed.  Come and join us for Social Badminton fun.  Phone Liz Leece on 466370 for details.

New Play Area at Cronk Cullyn

An excellent new play area is now available on the village green in the new Cronk Cullyn Phase 2 development.   Thanks go to Hartford Homes for providing and equipping the play area.   Later in the year the  area will be taken over and maintained  by the Commissioners.  Although primarily provided for the children of Cronk Cullyn,  it will be available for all Arbory children to use.

Judo Classes in Ballabeg

Adult sessions run on  Monday and Friday evenings at the Parish Hall, Ballabeg.  We also have  sessions for younger members each Friday evening –  The Kano Class, for 6 to 8 year olds, a junior class for 8 to 11 year olds and novice 11 to 14 year olds prior to their first grading, and finally the senior class for 14 year olds and including adults.  Contact Richard Lloyd on Mob 310553 or iomsouthernjudo@wm.im

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