Complaints Procedure

Arbory & Rushen Parish Commissioners

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Complaints Procedure


A Complaint is defined as :


an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by the Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners or its staff affecting an individual ratepayer of group of ratepayers.


Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners will investigate and settle any complaints received, wherever possible. Therefore, the Commissioners maintain the following systems for dealing with complaints.


The principal test of the effectiveness of a complaints system is whether it helps to resolve the dissatisfaction of ratepayers or customers about the service they have received or believe they should have received. An efficient system will also highlight any processes which need reviewing or updating thereby improving services.


In cases where the complainant is dissatisfied with the Commissioners’ handling of their complaint, the complainant is entitled to raise the matter further with the Tynwald Commissioner for Administration who can be contacted by e-mail: or via the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office, Legislative Buildings, Douglas.


Complaints received will be entered in a Register of Complaints.


Complaints may be either oral or written. Of course, not all communications with a dissatisfied customer will necessarily involve the making of a complaint. For example a customer may have a concern which can be easily resolved without the need to make a formal complaint. Similarly there are some complaints which do not warrant a record being taken:-


  • A complaint about a matter outside the competence of the authority;
  • A complaint where the complainant is not involved in the matter forming the subject of the complaint or has no direct interest therein;
  • A complaint about a failure of service which is rectified within a reasonable timescale (e.g. failure of water or electricity supply).


A complaint is not a request for a service (e.g. housing repairs) or for information. However, a complaint could arise if the Commissioners failed to act adequately on such a request, or to communicate information which had been requested.


It is important to stress that a complaint must relate to some act or omission by the Commissioners, not any other outside agency. For example a letter complaining about the behaviour of neighbours would not constitute a complain within this procedure. However, a letter complaining that the Commissioners had failed to act adequately in this situation would be defined as a complaint.


If the complaint involves racial, sexual or equal opportunity discrimination then that should be referred immediately to the Clerk.


In some cases it will remain a matter of judgement whether a complaint is being made. During the course of day to day contact with the public there will always be an exchange of views and comments and a common-sense approach must be taken in deciding whether a formal complaint is being made.

The Complaints Procedure exists to ensure a prompt investigation and resolution of genuine complaints, and to provide a mechanism for ratepayers or others using services provided by the Commissioners to make known their grievances.


Complaints may be categorised into Levels 1 to 3 in order of seriousness i.e. Level 1 – serious in nature; Level 2 – complaints that require an individual response; Level 3 those defined as standard complaints.


Who can complain?


Any ratepayer, member of the public, organisation or company who receives a service from the Commissioners.


A separate procedure is in place for complaints made via an elected member.


Form of complaints

A Complaint may be made either verbally, in writing, or electronically. The complaint might not be specifically flagged and may be disguised in more lengthy correspondence. All complaints received shall be recorded.


Receipt of Complaints

In the case of an oral complaint this should be made to the person dealing with the enquiry, who should be asked to make a record of it. This will then be passed to the Clerk who will undertake an investigation.


If an oral complaint is being made about the member of staff dealing with the enquiry, a request should be made to speak to another person, who will make a record of the complaint. If there is no immediately identifiable person this should not be a reason to refuse or delay a complaint.


All written complaints should be addressed to the Clerk.



The complaint should be acknowledged within seven working days and recorded in the Commissioners‘ Complaints Register.


The Commissioners should attempt to send the complainant a substantive response within 14 working days of receiving the complaint. A substantive response is one which conveys the investigating officer‘s decision on the complaint.


It will not always be possible to meet this timescale, and in such cases the complainant should be advised of the situation within 10 working days, giving an explanation for the delay and an indication of when a substantive response can be expected.


It should be an objective to resolve all complaints within 20 working days.


The timescale of 10-20 working days may be extended for complaints which are referred to an Independent Arbitrator, but the complainant needs to be informed of the extension.


Right of Review

The Commissioners have a mechanism in place for any complainant who is dissatisfied with the decision on their complaint. In such cases a Complainant may take the matter up with the Chair of the Commissioners, the Department of Infrastructure or the Tynwald Commissioner for Administration.


The Commissioners, primarily through their websites, make their members, officers and ratepayers aware of this complaints procedure and the public aware of to whom any complaints should be addressed.


The Department of Infrastructure has power to make inquiries into the manner in which any functions of a local authority are carried out by the authority, thereby providing a further mechanism for the investigation and resolution of complaints.

Community Art Project

Community Art Project
Eve Adams, is a local Artist & Illustrator. Thanks to Isle of Man Arts Council funding she is embarking on a huge community public art project and needs your help!
Everyone on the Island can join in with the project, and once complete it will be on public display for years to come! The project seeks to commemorate our Island community’s unique accomplishment in battling Covid-19 through a severe lockdown.
It would also be great if you’d like to get involved yourselves by completing a design!
Image may contain: text that says "what you see? Together, Apart Dy-Cheilley, Ry-Lhiattee huge, wide project! you during lockdown. comfort, what positives Maybe itwas family, pets, learned new skill daiywalks enjoyed throughout, What cope? hanging digitally space. every moment can ucoped Perhaps nature very hard managed hould situations with. This seeks commemorate celebrate our Island community together, Check out the template overleaf to get involved! C ARTS ISEFMAN COUNCIL"
People reached
Boost post

Climate Change Public Consultation and Drop In Sessions

A public consultation on the draft Climate Change Bill opens today on the Consultation Hub:
The consultation will run for 6 weeks, closing at 5pm on Tuesday 1 September.
To assist with responses, we are offering four drop-in sessions to meet with DEFA officers who will be able to answer questions and provide additional information on the Isle of Man Government’s climate action work.
The drop-in sessions are as follows:

Ramsey Town Hall: 12-7pm Wednesday 5th August 
Henry Bloom Noble Library: 12-6.45pm Thursday 6th August 

Peel Centenary Centre: 12-7pm Wednesday19th August 

Port St Mary Hall: 12-7pm: 12-7pm Thursday 20th August 

Everyone is welcome to the sessions and there is no need to pre-book a place. It would be helpful if those with a specific/technical query get in touch in advance, to ensure that the right people on hand to help.

It will also be possible to arrange other times to discuss the consultation and additional online sessions will also be organised.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.
Kind regards

Rowan Henthorn


Ecosystem Officer
Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture, Thie Slieau Whallian, Foxdale Road, St John’s, Isle of Man, IM4 3AS.
Tel: 01624 695738

Virtual National Week Concert

To mark Tynwald Day, and National Week this year, we have produced a special virtual concert featuring some of the talented performers from across the parishes of Arbory and Rushen.

🇮🇲 From midday today, join commissioners chair Jane Glover as she presents the spoken word of Peter Vernon and Noel Cringle along with the music of Meadowside Choral Society, the King Family, Phil Gawne and Annie Kissack, the Williams Family and the children of Arbory School.

🇮🇲 The virtual concert will be shared to our Facebook pages and a brand new YouTube Channel at 12 noon tomorrow.

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Arbory Parish Hall Reopening 29th June

Arbory Parish Hall Reopening.
Arbory and Rushen Commissioners are pleased to confirm that Arbory Parish Hall will be reopening on Monday 29th June.
Some of our regular users will be running their session from this date whilst others are waiting until September to recommence.
New regulations that have been implemented by the Trustees in accordance with official advice are as follows:
1. Hand sanitiser must be used at entrance and in toilets or kitchen;
2. Space for social distancing must be made available for those who request it;
3. Cash cannot be used for payment purposes, which should be by electronic transfer;
4. A register of all attendees must be kept and retained by the person in charge of any hiring Group, with date, name and contact details of attendees. Hopefully, this will be reviewed and discontinued as soon as Trustees are advised.
New booking for parties etc are being administered by Deputy Clerk, Colin Kniveton. He can be contacted by phoning 824049 or emailing

Create Community History Competition

Create Community History


Use your creative talent to capture your experiences of Covid 19 you could win a £50.00  in Arbory and Rushen Parish’s “Creative Covid 19 Community Competition” !

This community art project for the parishes will hopefully record for posterity our many experiences of living through this remarkable time.

All we are looking for is something you have created which would fit on an A4 sheet of paper that reflects your experiences of living through the Covid 19 lockdown and restrictions.

Any medium is acceptable. It might be a short story,poem, drawing, painting, mosaic or even a photograph of a floral art display.

Once restrictions allow, all entries will be displayed in an exhibition in Arbory Parish Hall.

There are 2 categories as follows:-

Adult (16+)  1st prize £50.00 Sound Café Meal Voucher.

2nd prize bottle of wine and a box of chocolates.

3rd prize box of chocolates

Children (Under 16) 1st prize £20.00 Bridge Bookshop Book token.

2nd prize £10.00 Bridge Bookshop Book token

3rd prize £5.00 Bridge Bookshop Book token

Once your creative piece is done, take a photograph and email it to and your entry will be posted onto Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners’ facebook pages.

Deadline for submission of entries is 31st July 2020.

Covid 19 Restrictions – Online Commissioners’ Meetings

Covid 19 restrictions – online Commissioners’ meetings
Due to Covid 19 restrictions the Commissioners monthly meetings are being held online.
If you wish to listen in on the meetings please contact the clerk giving your email address so you can be invited to join the meeting. The Commissioners are currently using Zoom for their meetings and provided you contact the Clerk by 5.30 pm prior to the meeting he will make sure that you can listen in to the meeting.
Please email the Clerk at or

Local Authority Waste Services


Over the next few days the local authorities will be ready to re-open the four Civic Amenity sites        around the island.

The Eastern and Western sites will open at 8am on Friday morning and the Northern and Southern sites at 10am on Saturday morning.

Please be aware that the Northern site will operate on an appointments system accessed using their website or by ringing 810100, whilst the Eastern, Southern and Western sites will operate on a queuing system using the roadway leading to the site.

Due to operational issues the opening hours and the types of waste that can be disposed of may vary slightly, but they will all take burnable household waste and green waste.  This is not business as usual, so to avoid an unnecessary journey please ring your local authority or check their website or Facebook page for details.

It is important that people work within the social distancing guidelines and therefore there will be a restricted number of vehicles on site.

The staff will do everything possible to manage this situation smoothly but they will not be able to assist you with your items so please bring a household member to help you if you cannot manage on your own.

The Re-use sheds will remain closed for the time being but the recycle Bring Banks around the island will open on Friday.

Please be careful when driving in these areas, expect queues over the first few weeks and be patient.

The Authorities understand how frustrating this has been for everyone and thank you for your co-operation.