Arbory and Rushen Commissioners’ Rate Set for 2021


The Arbory and Rushen Parish Commissioners have reluctantly agreed to a 6p in the pound rate increase for 2021/22.  This decision was made after careful assessment of estimates and scrutinizing of all budget lines several times.


The Commissioners are acutely aware that many ratepayers may be struggling financially due to the impact Covid restrictions have had on their incomes.  However, the above inflation rise has been deemed necessary due to a significant shortfall in the income rebate due to the Commissioners from the Southern Civic Amenity Site (SCAS).


Savings have been made in the authority’s administration as hoped following the merger.  These cover increases in waste disposal and salaries.  They also cover the anticipated loan charges for the major new recreational development at Ballakilley.  The significant SCAS shortfall leaves the authority with little alternative but to increase the rate as agreed.


Media Contact: Mrs Jane Glover, Chair of the Authority – or 492010.